Crucero Amazonas

Technical Information

Vessel name: Crucero Amazonas
Year built: 2016.
Embarkation port: Itaya River, Iquitos – Peru.
Vessel’s registry: Peru.
Type of vessel: River Expedition vessel.
Length: 42 meters.
Beam: 9 meters.
Draft: 3 meters.
Gross tonnage: 500 tons.
Cruising speed: 12 knots.
Electricity: 220 KW.
Engines: Caterpillar 3406 - 350 HP.
Generators: Olympian GEP 88-1, 72KW and Cummings C135-D6, 129KW.
Water: 9,000-liter water treatment plant.

Deck Plan
4. Observation Deck: Terrace
3. Entertainment Area: Lounge Bar, Spa and Jacuzzi.
2. Upper Deck: Master Suites (total: 6), Prestige Suite (total: 1), Dining Room.
1. Main Deck: Master Suites (total: 6), Crew Area.

Amazonas Cruise | Crucero Amazonas

Dining Room

Lounge & Bar