Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Cancellation Policy

For any cruise booking, whether under deposit, partially paid, or paid in full, cancellations and penalties will apply as noted below: changes to departure date; substitutions of itinerary; substitution of another person for original booked guest(s); or changing to a promotional fare. All cancellations must be in writing.

The following cancellation charges will be assessed for all written cancellations received prior to departure up to the scheduled time of departure.

Cancellation received | Following charges will apply:
121 days or more is 20% of full fare
120-91 days is 30% of full fare
90-61 days is 40% of full fare
60-31 days is 50% of full fare
30-0 days is 100% of full fare

Full Fare is defined as the full cost of any cruise, land or air component purchased from Rivers & Forest Expeditions.

Disabled / Pregnant Passengers

You must report any disability requiring special attention while on your itinerary to Rivers & Forest Expeditions at the time the reservation is made. Most transportation services are not equipped with elevators or wheelchair ramps. Our company will make reasonable attempts to accommodate the special needs of disabled travelers, but we are not responsible in the event it is unable to do so in case of any denial of services by air carriers, hotels, restaurants or other independent suppliers. We regret that we cannot provide individual assistance to a passenger for walking, dining, getting on and off vessels and other vehicles, or other personal needs. A qualified and physically able companion must accompany passengers who need such assistance and must assume full responsibility for their well being. We reserve the right not to accept passengers who are in an advanced state of pregnancy either upon commencement of or at any time during the trip.

Children / Minors

On all cruises and cruise journeys, minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied and share a cabin with a parent, legal guardian or other responsible adult over the age of 21. We reserve the right to limit the number of minors under the age of 18 years on board and on land excursions booked through us.

Travel Documentation / Visas

All guests must have passports valid for six months following disembarkation and any necessary visas or affidavits when boarding. Guests are advised to check with their travel agent or their Consulate Service to determine which documents they must obtain. If incorrect documents are obtained, guests will be unable to participate in particular shore excursions and may be denied boarding.

Health and Medical Issues

You are required to obtain any required inoculations and to provide for your own specialized health or mental care if required during your cruise and all such arrangements are your responsibility. A certificate of fitness is required of all passengers with significant health issues


Roundtrip airport-to-ship transfers are only included. Transfers are only valid on tour departure and arrival dates.