The Service on board – From Andrea and Oscar, to the chefs and guide – everyone was outstanding from a customer service perspective and the service was comparable or better in almost every aspect to what I experienced before.

M. Greenberg, USA

The staff service and attitude has been terrific and I have nothing but praise for you all.

Qhi Shaoming, China

All great. The chef is especially impressive. Bar tender is also good and justify special mention.

Tang Jolin, Hong Kong

Already first class service gave me one of the best experiences. Nurse gave my wife and son good advice and suitable medicine.

Cao Guanye, China

You couldn’t. It is perfect! The housekeeping staff were very helpful with our laundry. Oswaldo and Andrea were happy to help all the time and very gleeful. Kitchen staff: excellent!

Xu Kaixiang, China

The tourguide Oswaldo provide excellent service and the chef gives us wonderful food.

L. Hao, United Kingdom

El servicio estuvo estupendo. El barman Luis es muy bueno. Oswaldo es muy amable y habla inglés muy bien explicando todo en las excursiones; conoce muy bien acerca de los animales y aves y también de la gente que vive en el bosque. Las excursiones nos encantaron, especialmente la visita a los Yaguas. El barco es fantástico, hermoso y muy cómodo.

L. Jensen, USA

Services were excellent! Everything about this trip was wonderful. Oswaldo was an excellent guide and communicator. Giancarlo is an exceptional Chef and very enthusiastic and interactive.

D. Ernst, USA